The Cooper Power Systems Yukon Advanced Energy Services Platform is a set of versatile energy management applications modularly designed to provide utilities with a single, secure platform that addresses multiple business needs. Yukon is used by more than 250 utilities of all sizes including Cooperatives, Municipals and Investor Owned Utilities. Cooper Power Systems takes advantage of this large, broad user base to drive innovative new software applications as well as industry-leading hardware solutions. Together, Cooper Power Systems is able to meet the ever changing needs of large and small utilities with an enterprise class Smart Grid software platform.

The Yukon platform's innovative applications can serve as stand-alone Master Stations or be integrated into larger, enterprise wide solutions. In either scenario, the Yukon software enables your utility to improve asset utilization, enhance reliability and offer energy efficiency solutions.

Discover the benefits of doing more with a single industry-standard platform. Combined with end-to-end design services and Cooper Power Systems dedicated support team, the Yukon platform is an investment that will serve your utility for years to come.

  • A newly designed DRMS portal with an intuitive, flexible interface that allows operators to easily initiate targeted demand response events as wide as full system or as small as individual distribution feeders.  The operations portal also provides simple access to time critical information such as active events and historical event history to support the enhanced grid management techniques necessary in today's demand response programs.
  • Multiple AMI solutions including an RF mesh network, power line carrier and cellular based communication options. Data collection and analysis as well as standards based integrations such as MultiSpeak to Customer Service/Billing, Outage Management and SCADA/EMS. 
  • Innovative Interactive Volt/Var Control (IVVC) application for managing voltage levels as well as power factor using automated controls of LTCs, Cap Bank Controllers and Voltage regulators


  • Industry-standard three-tier architecture
  • Popular SQL relational databases
  • Modular application servers
  • Web browser-based clients


  • Multiple communication options
  • Support for legacy assets, often using native protocols
  • Open standard based integration to SCADA, Billing, CIS systems and OMS


  • Web browser-based clients make information readily accessible to operators, customer service and end consumers
  • User-friendly configuration tools
  • Continuous improvement culture driving product development


  • Manage multiple communication options
  • Core system provides device interrogation, system integration and data archiving for all applications.
  • Historical data, in many formats, available at the click of a mouse
  • Notification options for alerts or events ensure workgroups stay informed


  • Remote diagnostics, regular software updates & enhancements, user training
  • Dedicated full-time support team
  • Highly qualified staff of software and hardware engineers