VariSTAR polymer-housed surge arresters are gapless arresters that are composed of MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) elements. VariSTAR surge arresters from Cooper Power Systems are available in distribution- and station-class as well as in elbow arrester products.

In a porcelain body our VariSTAR line provides highly reliable service operation to meet a wide range of service applications. Porcelain housed VariSTAR distribution arresters are available in Normal Duty (type AZS) and Heavy Duty Type (type AZL). Both surge arrester design types have been certified to the latest revision of standard ANSI/IEEE C62.11. Arrester duty-cycle ratings range from 3 to 36 kV.

Document Number Title
CA235005EN/ Old TD235006EN UltraSIL Polymer-Housed VariSTAR Surge Arresters: Normal-Duty (5 kA), Heavy-Duty (10 kA), and Heavy-Duty Riser Pole (10 kA)
CA235022EN/ Old TD235009EN, 235-87
VariSTAR Type AZE Surge Arresters for Systems through 345 kV IEEE Std C62.11™ standard Certified Station Class Arresters