UltraSIL Housed Arresters and Cutouts


The UltraSIL design from Cooper Power Systems incorporates a housing of polymer material (silicone rubber) which is an excellent insulator of overhead products, delivers high UV resistance and high hydrophobicity. The UltraSIL design delivers superior performance in distribution- and station-class surge arresters and cutouts. For long term weathering performance, water repellance, resistance to UV degradation and atmospheric pollution as well as other important insulation performance, silicone rubber is unsurpassed.

Underbuilt Arrester Solution for Overbuilt Construction

  • The UltraSIL silicone rubber housing utilizes an interference fit and is bonded onto the internal module to form a solid, void free, high-dielectric strength insulation system.
  • Cooper Power Systems proprietary process wraps the assembly with a high-strength woven fiberglass-reinforced epoxy composite.
  • The silicone rubber housing is less sensitive to physical damage than porcelain.
  • The UltraSIL silicone rubber housing was selected for its superior insulation performance when compared to other polymeric housing materials.
  • Independent laboratory tests have verified the superior water repellent behavior of silicone rubber, which is responsible for the lower external power losses, higher resistance to UV degradation and surface tracking, superior performance in contaminated environments, and other important insulating properties.
  • UltraSIL silicone rubber has been proven not to support biological growth and is nonflammable.
  • The basic silicone rubber housed arrester can be customized with a variety of terminal and mounting options which allow users to select the features that meet their application needs.
  • They are ideal for applications where lighter weight and shorter heights (when compared to porcelain housed arresters and cutouts) are critical.