Substation Modernization Platform (SMP)


The SMP Gateway streamlines the automation process and provides complete control. For example, it’s easy to add new devices without affecting control centers because it processes data locally. And due to the fact that the SMP is a central gateway, new centers connect to a single platform—SMP Gateway—and not to all substation devices.

As it can operate in conjunction with virtually all IEDs, it provides a single point of access to all substation data, and can even push event files to the control centers. The SMP Gateway also features access security and data encryption to create an electronic perimeter that meets NERC CIP requirements. The SMP Gateway will help utilities moving towards the Smart Grid and comply with the requirements of this new market reality.

Reliable, Secure and Cost Effective Legacy RTU Upgrade Soluting Using Eaton's SG-4250 SMP Family of Products