The Proview software suite (ProView and ProView NXG) is the industry leading, Windows®-based PC interface program for current Eaton Cooper Power series distribution system controls and relays.

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Example PeerComm Data Sharing Network with Reclosers, Relays, Switches and Pad-mounted Switchgear

PeerComm Networking Enables System Protection and Reliability

  • Flexible, Scaleable Networking for Recloser Controls, Protective Relays, Overhead Switches and More
  • Implement Peer-to-Peer Networks of 2-32 Devices with No Additional Hardware Required
  • Scaleable Data Sets Allow Sharing of Status Points, Counters and Floating Point Values
  • Perfect for Radio or Hardwired Applications
  • Fail-safe Operation if Any Device Stops Communicating
  • Extremely High Reliability
  • Rapid Implementation Using the Idea Workbench Environment
  • See How PeerComm Compares to Mirrored Bits

Situation #1
Loop restoration for Fault F1 without PeerComm

Situation #2
Speed for fault F1

  • Instantly open 1 and 2
  • 8 transfers to S3 to restore power to Load #1
  • NOVA 3 closes to restore power to remaining loop
  • CB 1 recloses normally, automatically restoring loop

Situation #3
Logic #1 for fault F2

  • Instantly open 4, 5, and 6
  • NOVA 3 closes to restore power to remaining loop
  • M-Force closes to restore power to Load #2
  • CB 5 recloses normally, automatically restoring loop

Situation #4
Logic #2 for S2 loss

  • Instantly opens 5
  • NOVA 4 and 6 open to prevent section 4-5 overload
  • NOVA 3 closes to restore power to remaining loop
  • M-Force closes to restore power to Load #2
  • When S2 restores, loop is automatically restored

Situation #5
Logic #3 for S1 loss

  • Instantly opens 1 and 8
  • Transfers to S3 to restore power to Load #1
  • NOVA 6 closes to restore power to remaining loop
  • Overload on Load #1 from section 1-2 prevented by PST blocked to transfer back to loop
  • When S1 restores, loop is automatically restored

Situation #6
Logic #4 for permanent fault F3

  • NOVA 3 blocked to close into fault

Situation #7
Logic #5 for P_G fault F4

  • NOVA 6 recloses
  • If permanent fault
    • NOVA 6 locks out
    • 9 opens
    • M-Force closes
    • Power restored to Load #2

The Idea Workbench and Custom Modules

The Idea Workbench is a feature of ProView, the setting, configuration and analysis software for use with all Idea relays. The Idea Workbench is a revolutionary graphical software programming environment which permits the user to customize the Idea relay or Form 6 recloser control.

Add new features or protective functions by means of Idea Workbench Custom Modules. These operate in the same fashion as the plug-ins for Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Netscape's Communicator internet browsers. Your investment in the relay is protected as future needs and developments may be addressed through new Custom Modules, without requiring an update of the relay's firmware.

  • Create custom control and protection logic using over 400 programming signals and tools, all selectable from drag-off Toolboxes. Logic created using these tools can then be saved as Custom Modules to be reused or shared with associates.
  • Monitor and control practically every aspect of the relay's operation.
  • Create custom metering and measurement quantities.
  • Create custom sequence of event records.
  • Configure communication protocols.

The Idea Workbench offers the user the ability to rapidly and accurately create customizations by working the way the engineer thinks, by using logic diagram and flowchart construction methods. No equation based or command based logic programming is required.

The Idea Workbench also addresses some of the more difficult questions associated with custom relay programming, namely:

Clarity: Compared to that offered by equation and command based programming techniques, graphical programming results in customizations whose operation is intuitive and easy to understand.

Testing: ProView provides a Virtual Test Set™ (VTS™) which can be used to test the developed logic with real fault signals. During test, the logic diagrams become "live" showing the state of all variables, logic gates, contacts, counters, etc. To avoid any question of how the custom logic interacts with the relay itself, the VTS environment models the entire relay in addition to the custom programming. Unlike other programming environments, the Idea Workbench does not require the user to have an actual relay or relay test set on hand to verify the proper operation of the programmed logic.

Documentation: Notes regarding how the custom logic operates may be embedded within the Idea Workbench. This improves the ability of others to quickly understand how the logic is designed to work. Links to external files may also be embedded in the Idea Workbench, providing fast access to larger documents stored on company's network servers.

Portability: If the original data files are lost, the entire Idea Workbench may be uploaded from the relay, complete with logic diagrams, embedded notes and external reference links.