MagneX Interrupters

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MagneX™ Interupters

A compact way to protect distribution transformers from overload and faults, and provide a reliable method for switching transformers "on" or "off".


The MagneX™ Interrupter is an overcurrent protective device that protects distribution transformers from damaging overloads and secondary faults, and is also used for switching the transformer “on” or “off.” As a transformer protective device, the MagneX Interrupter combines safety and efficiency with economic operation.

It is an integral assembly, which does not use a troublesome linkage or require calibration, making installation and operation fast and trouble free. The housing is made of an ultraviolet stabilized, high-strength, glass-filled thermoplastic material. The operating shaft is sealed against leakage with a double-Viton® O-ring seal.

Document Number
CA132017EN/ Old 240-33
Two- and Three-Phase MagneX Interrupter
CA132016EN/ Old 240-34 MagneX Single-Phase Interrupter
90047 The Benefits of MagneX Protection
MN132005EN/ Old S240-33-1 Two- and Three-Phase MagneX Interrupter Installation Instructions
MN132006EN/ Old S240-34-1 Single-Phase MagneX Interrupter Installation Instructions
CP8802 Basic MagneX Interrupter Operation
CP8714 MagneX Interrupter  Philosophies
CP8806 MagneX Losses
CP8809 MagneX TCC at Various Temperatures