The Kearney brand of products from Cooper Power Systems includes tools and connectors, single- and three-phase disconnect and by-pass switches, and cutouts and fuse links.  Our Hi-Line tools include hand operated mechanical tools, hydraulic tools, power operated remote hydraulic tools, and cutters as well as cover-up equipment that provides maximum safety when working energized lines. 

The Kearney tools and connectors include Ultra Range aluminum and copper Squeezon connectors, terminals, cast stirrups, spacers, adapters, a variety of sleeves-including  SERV-ENS sleeves, wire clips, grips and grounding lugs as well as temporary connection assemblies. Kearney fuse links include our Type K, N, T, H, D S, C, EK, ET, EH fuse links.

Kearney overhead distribution equipment includes cutouts, line tension switches, and the M-Force switch.