With the Edison Idea relay platform, Cooper integrates control and protection making it the ideal choice for advanced protection applications. In addition to offering a full suite of protective elements in each relay, the Idea relay incorporates extensive front panel targeting to allow for fast and efficient visual determination of the relay’s status, fault type, control modes, and more.

The Idea relay also features eight front panel hot keys which permit the user to immediately access selected display screens, view metering, access settings, implement control functions, or even to perform local operations. Although the function of each hot key is predefined for each Edison Idea relay, these definitions may be changed by the user to meet application specific requirements.

Additionally, some Idea relays are available both in the Idea and IdeaPLUS relay platforms. The IdeaPLUS platform is the same as the Idea platform with the addition of a breaker control panel and nine additional programmable feature pushbuttons with integral indicating LEDs.

Customized for Greater Reliability and Versatility

Cooper’s exclusive Idea Workbench, Virtual Test Set, and Relay Replay software functionality provides you with tools to enhance and customize your protection schemes. Our in-house experts are a resource to ensure that you get the comprehensive solution you need to deliver reliable power to your customers, every day.

More Options for a Better Solution

The Edison Idea family of relays offers inherent communications options that improve reliability. Options include serial fiber, RS232 or RS485 port and dual Ethernet ports. One connection provides engineering access, SCADA and automation. The IdeaPLUS relay has additional features offering you added convenience, flexibility, and safety.

Versatile Relay Platform – Ideal for Multiple Applications

Edison Idea and IdeaPLUS relays are ideally suited for feeder protection, transformer protection, line protection, pad-mounted switchgear, and capacitor protection. Cooper’s capacitor relays have features and functions not found in other capacitor bank protective relays. The following relay models provide you with complete system protection: iDP-210 Feeder Protection Relay, iTP-100 Line Distance Relay, iXP-420 Transformer Protection Relay, iCP-191 Fuseless Capacitor Bank Protection Relay, iCP-440 Capacitor Bank Protection Relay, iCP-630 Capacitor Bank Protection Relay, and iCP-640 Capacitor Bank Protection Relay.

Expert Support for a Successful Outcome

Cooper has an in-house team of relay engineers with years of experience in developing relay schemes for highly customized applications. Their recommendations and support ensure that you will have the right solution where and when you need it.