CYME Power Engineering

The world-class CYME power system analysis software is a robust, comprehensive suite of advanced simulation tools assisting transmission, distribution and industrial power engineers. CYME was designed to help address the complex and emerging challenges of the electrical engineers that support power network planning and operation.

Since 1986, the CYME software has been used for thousands of transmission, distribution and industrial projects around the world.

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Our Mission

The mission of CYME International is to deliver "best-of-breed" Power Engineering Software Solutions and Services to the electrical industry worldwide by combining cutting-edge technology and engineering expertise. Our professional team is committed to build enduring partnerships with our clients by delivering the best solutions and providing unsurpassed customer services.

CYME Provides End-to-End Solutions

CYME provides complete solutions to assist customers in addressing their most demanding engineering requirements. Our solutions are based on complementary lines of services:

CYME is offering the most comprehensive line of Power Engineering Software available to the industry today. CYME's Electrical Analysis Software Solutions are readily available for customers immediate use in planning and engineering applications. The same solutions can be easily customized and seamlessly integrated as an embedded calculation engine with existing applications.

Integration & Custom Software Development - CYME can assist you in integrating its software solutions within your IT environment. In addition we can effectively develop custom software applications for planning, operating and/or training purposes.

CYME offers a wide range of consulting services using state of the art technologies to assist customers in addressing new and emerging system problems. These services include, but not limited to, power system studies for transmission, distribution and industrial systems.

CYME's engineering staff is at a high degree of skill and their knowledge covers, almost every area of power system analysis. Backed by extensive experience in systems' planning, design and operation they provide a range of options in terms of specialization, experience, and know-how.

Our Involvement in the Industry

CYME's engineers are heavily involved in industry activities by conducting seminars and workshops for utilities and industrial groups worldwide. They participate in technical societies such as IEEE, CIGRÉ and International Standards Committees by presenting technical papers and taking part in their working groups and task forces.

CYME's engineers have organized training sessions and seminars in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Peru, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Senegal, United Arab Emirates, Australia, India, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, etc.

This global involvement in the electrical industry is an important component of our complete solution as it allow us to stay up-to-date with the most relevant problems and the means to deal with them. Putting our accumulated experience and quality resources at your service will enable you to address your current and future needs and help you in harnessing better and longer lasting asset-management solutions.

Our Commitment to Customer Service

Since 1986, CYME has built a strong reputation with its clients by delivering the best solutions and providing unsurpassed customer services. Our professional team of dedicated experts is committed to work closely with your engineers throughout the entire project to achieve its successful completion.

CYME is committed to respond to customer inquiries within the business day and our local agents in over 38 countries around the world provide customer support locally, in the language of the region.

The analytical capabilities of the CYME software fully support any type of power system simulation. Planning scenarios and case studies can be created to accurately and efficiently assess and substantiate the impact of modifications and reconfigurations to any power network, leading to improved asset management. CYME is mature yet modern software: proven to be accurate and reliable it continues to be actively enhanced and supported.

Integration and Custom Software Development

We can help your staff successfully deploy off-line and real-time power engineering software solutions and integrate them with other enterprise systems.

System experts from Cooper are available on-site to ensure that all necessary aspects of the most efficient system integration are covered, according to your specific environment. We will assist you from start to finish.  This assistance starts at the requirement evaluation and continues with system analysis, specifications, project management, testing, physical installation right up to the time the system goes into production, and training.

Commitment to Customer Support

Our strength is based on the stable and trusting relationship we build with our customers. Since our start in 1986 as CYME International T&D, our customers have relied on our team which is renowned for its responsiveness, depth and quality.  Today, Cooper Power System’s CYME development and support team is comprised of skilled computer specialists and electrical engineers experienced in power system planning design and operation, assuring that issues are addressed promptly and resolved professionally. Our open dialogue with utility and industry users combined with the high degree of knowledge of our engineering and technical staff ensures that the key power engineering issues and emerging trends of the power industry make their way into our software and solutions.