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Lighting Solutions for Healthcare - CEU Certified

This course provides an overview of current lighting trends, energy management requirements, and current legislation affecting lighting design considerations for healthcare facilities.

Runtime: 1 hour

Introduction to Residential Lighting Design - CEU Certified

This course provides an overview of the processes used in residential lighting design and includes discussions on types of lamps, types of lighting fixtures including recessed lighting, the Layered Lighting System and room lighting techniques.

Runtime: 1 hour

An Introduction to Lighting Design for Residential Interior Applications

This introduction will help you understand the approach and techniques that the lighting designer takes when involved in the illumination of residential interiors. Residential lighting is a combination of electrical engineering and theatrical lighting. Lighting can stimulate feelings, set moods and dramatically alter the appearance of your residential space. Come take the first step by looking through the eyes of the designer at the drama, excitement and mood that only lighting can create when layered correctly.

Runtime: 31 minutes

Energy Independence a Security Act of 2007

This e-learning course offers an overview of the Metal Halide legislation that becomes effective January 1, 2009. It provides information on the new minimum efficiency standards for Metal Halide ballasts as well as an analysis of the benefits of Pulse Start Metal Halide systems. This course shows the different aspects of the law and how it will effectively transition/convert the lighting industry from Probe Start systems to more energy efficient Pulse Start systems.

Runtime: 7 minutes