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Trellix System

Designed to Solve Today's Complex Business Challenges

Trellix facilitates data collection, storage, aggregation and transmission —
along with a set of thoughtful, easy-to-use applications.

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Trellix Lighting

Configure a code compliant connected lighting system designed to create energy efficient space and take complete control of your lighting across one or mulitple sites.

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Trellix Locate

Unlock the real-time asset tracking capabilities of the WaveLinx sensor network.

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Trellix Admin

Manage the core components and microservices required for a full functional IoT platform including access, user roles, and information flow.

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Trellix Exchange

Exchange building information via BACnet/IP, API, OpenADR.


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Featured Trellix Partners

Our partner program enables developers and system integrators to leverage the data gathered by the Trellix system to create brilliant customer experiences. Using APIs, systems can collect valuable data from the Trellix platform–such as spatial organization, space usage, asset information, and asset location– to deliver fully-integrated solution.

VIZZIA’s mission is to help healthcare owners improve operational efficiency and excellence through our sensible use of technology and process improvement expertise.

ZulaFly offers solutions that provide efficient delivery of relevant location based information that boosts your bottom line. Zulafly gives you the ability to view all activity inside and outside your facility. From the map views you can see where your assets and people are located and also any notifications that are active. The search functionality allows you to discover items’ current locations and status from whatever dashboard you’re on.

Connected Systems Compatible with Trellix

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