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In the face of a global pandemic, now more than ever before, IoT technology can solve complex problems.
The Trellix Smart Spaces IoT system is designed to help solve today's challenges across multiple vertical spaces.


The Trellix and Locate RTLS system can help healthcare facilities improve asset utilization rates by 40% and aid in eliminating annual shrinkage rates of equipment by 5-7%, while improving staff and patient workflow and help in infection prevention.

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Trellix and Locate RTLS system enables monitoring activities
including real-time notifications, visitor location awareness and environmental monitoring to ensure students, educators, assets and environments are safe.

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Commercial Office

As organizations return to work, Trellix and the Locate RTLS system 
enables staff to quickly and effectively execute on CDC guidelines by understanding employee interactions to help contain the spread of viruses.

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Retail is gradually finding the need to embrace real-time tracking systems in their stores. Trellix Locate RTLS system can help with understanding customer behavior, as it relates to the in-store experience and the data can help with cart tracking to analyze customer movement, employee tracking, store analytics and inventory management.


Increase operational efficiency and productivity with the Trellix Locate RTLS system. Utilize RTLS to locate staff and operational equipment easily, track and analyze employee task times and eliminate time wasted searching for staff and inventory.


In airports, the Trellix Locate RTLS system can help with resource visibility, GSE tracking and vehicle tracking. Monitor airport staff and improve workflows and track line maintenance teams and performance. Track Ground Support Equipment including belt loaders, dollies and carts, as well as identify track parts that have been removed for maintenance. Lastly, locate and track all vehicles, monitor vehicle utilization
and real-time availability.

Senior Living

In the senior care environment, the Trellix Locate RTLS system can help to ensure the safety of residents by tracking their movements. This can be especially helpful for facilities that care for individuals with Alzheimer’s. The system can pinpoint the location of a resident who may have walked away from a designated area, and then send a notification to staff in real time.

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