Ohio University Convocation Center
Athens, OH | NCAA Basketball Arena


The Ohio University Convocation Center is a 13,080 seat multi-purpose arena that plays host to Ohio Bobcats basketball, volleyball and wrestling. The facility also holds high school basketball and state tournaments as well as a variety of concerts, professional wrestling events, and special university events, including Ohio University’s graduation ceremonies.

With its combination metal halide and incandescent system, the facility was experiencing low light levels and poor uniformity for the level of play that was being engaged in, and as recommended by the NCAA.

The project consisted of replacement of the metal halide and incandescent system to meet NCAA lighting requirements for HDTV broadcasting standards, and to provide better uniformity and more consistent levels of light.

52 Ephesus Arena 600 fixtures were installed to replace the 155 metal halide fixtures2. The new LED lights were laser focused to achieve maximum consistency and light uniformity.

An average of 175fc was generated on the playing surface and max/min uniformity improved from 2.11 to 1.39, dramatically exceeding NCAA Best Lighting Practices for National Championship and HDTV broadcasting standards. Energy consumption was reduced by an estimated 77%. The Color Rendering Index (CRI) increased from 68 to 71 and the Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) increased from 4191K to 5026K, more accurately reproducing colors and emulating mid-day sunlight.

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