MWS | Modular Wiring System

Less time. Less labor. Lower cost.

Cooper Lighting Solutions' Modular Wiring System (MWS) lowers total job cost vs. traditional wiring methods in new construction and renovation projects. MWS is simple, cost effective, and can be installed in minutes. Components arrive at the job site completely assembled and ready to be snapped together to form a branch circuit system.
No bending, cutting or assembly is needed.


Reduce construction cycle time with less labor and faster installation

Flexible &

Easily configure the system for future additions and renovations


Saves an average of 50% off labor
and project expenses

Customer Applications

Seamlessly works with recessed, pendant, surface, and downlight LED and LFL luminaires in multiple applications.

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Commercial Office
  • Educational
  • Retail

Lowest total job cost vs. traditional wiring methods

Branch circuit wiring for lighting fixtures and convenience power can be installed in minutes instead of hours!

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Commercial Lighting

100 Fixtures / 8' Centers / Single Circuit / $30.00 hr.
MC Cable MWS
Total cost $1,599.50 $1,423.75
Labor 70% 12%
Material 30% 88%
11% Lower total cost / 85% Less labor
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Industrial Lighting

100 Fixtures / 25' Centers / Single Circuit / $30.00 hr.
MC Cable MWS
Total cost $6,732.90 $4,424.00
Labor 60% 28%
Material 40% 72%
35% Lower total cost / 70% Less labor

MWS Components

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System Starter

Starter Fitting is the starting point for the MWS system. The Fitting is installed in a standard 1/2" knockout of an electrical junction box, duct or panel.

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Extenders and Splitters

The Extender Cable continues the circuit between MWS components and interfaces with lighting fixtures, switches, sensors and convenience power outlets.

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Switch Drops

The Switch Drop introduces local switching into the MWS circuit. Switch Drops may be installed during rough-in or renovations.

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Commercial Components

Fixture cables and fixture fittings enable power to the lighting fixture and between lighting fixtrues.

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Industrial Components

Cords and circuits designed for Industrial
lighting fixtures.

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Power Components

Cables designed to power to wall mounted or ceiling mounted fixtures.


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