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Satisfy your customers and your bottom line.

Eaton’s MarketPro™ distributor stock program combines high quality, energy-efficient products and service benefits to grow your stock sales. The program gives you access to readily-available, top selling products, plus all the tools you need to sell them. With free shipping, loyalty rebates, marketing resources and other incentives, MarketPro is your strategy for success!

MarketPro tools to get you started

Loyalty Rewards

Eaton's Distributor Advantage Program (EDAP)

We appreciate your business, and want to help you keep it growing. We offer financial incentives, like loyalty rebates, marketing funds, and merchandising.

Free Freight & Returns

Our no-risk guarantee

Get free delivery on hundreds of top selling products, to keep products flowing on and off your shelves. We also offer free returns on your stock reorders, guaranteed for one year from purchase.

Sales Leads - Where to Buy

Exclusively promoting your branch

As a member of the MarketPro community, you’ll be in our “Where to Buy” directory on the Eaton Lighting website. When customers search for distributors in their area, you’ll be at the top of the list.

Build custom product lists using our online catalog.

This easy-to-use online catalog contains all the product information and content you and your customers need. You can also build custom product lists to help close the sale. The MarketPro website also makes eCommerce product setup easy!

ProSave Lighting Distributor Stock Promotion Logo

Take advantage of the ProSave promotion to save on Eaton Lighting and controls products.

Place a qualifying order for any products from the stock guide to receive order incentives and automatic enrollment in the 2019 MarketPro Program and a 2019 Counter Tool kit.

Automatic enrollment in the MarketPro Program.

Receive the 2019 MarketPro counter toolkit.

Our Distribution Centers

With 5 state-of-the-art distribution centers across the U.S. and top-notch customer support, we’ve made it a priority to get products onto your shelves more easily.

Key for Eaton's distribution map - Includes Elk Grove, IL; Peachtree City, GA (PTC); Bloomington, CA; Cranbury, NJ; Irving, TX
Eaton's United States lighting distribution map

Energizing the lighting industry

Inspire and educate your customers with the latest lighting news, trends, and case studies, available through the Lighting reSOURCE.