Axcent Large

Sleek architectural design with superior performance.


Energy and maintenance savings.

Providing up to 88 percent in energy and maintenance savings over traditional systems, the Axcent delivers superior performance through efficient illumination.

Color Temp 3000K 4000K 5000K
Input Watts 56 56 56
Lumens 6,619 7,594 7,465
lm/W 118.2 135.6 133.3
CRI 80 70 70
Color Temp 3000K 4000K 5000K
Input Watts 72 72 72
Lumens 8,450 9,696 9,531
lm/W 117.4 134.7 132.4
CRI 80 70 70
Color Temp 3000K 4000K 5000K
Input Watts 102 102 102
Lumens 11,577 13,283 13,058
lm/W 113.5 130.2 128.0
CRI 80 70 70
Color Temp 3000K 4000K 5000K
Input Watts 123 123 123
Lumens 14,662 16,823 16,538
lm/W 119.2 136.8 134.5
CRI 80 70 70




Energy Savings



Fully controllable to maximize energy savings.

Designed to be a simple solution to complex problems.

LumaWatt Pro

Integrated sensing and beacon technology that enables the ability to control the lighting through remote control, zoning, and scheduling for advanced energy management
and data analytics.

Integrated Sensor

The Integrated sensor delivers additional energy savings by ensuring lighting is turned off or dimmed when a space is unoccupied.

Button photocontrol

The optional button type photocontrol provides a simple solution to enable “dusk-to-dawn” lighting by sensing light levels.


Ease of installation.

The simple “Hook-N-Lock” mechanism on the back of the Axcent allows for contractor-friendly installation.


The innovative housing design enables all features to be placed in a single housing to ensure a fully sealed unit for protection against outdoor environments. The rugged, die-cast aluminum housing is fully factory-sealed, vacuum-tested, and does not require any additional caulking or silicone.

Floodlight mount

(Available with slipfitter and trunnion mount)

Area and Site

Pole mount arm