Halo E26 Trims

New 5-inch and 6-inch trim family offers a consistent design style in an all-inclusive

collection of full-cone and half-cone reflectors and baffles; gimbal and eyeball directionals;

open and lensed wet location with “dead-front” options.

3-E26-story-page-final-reflectorsspecular reflectorfull cone reflectorshallow full cone reflectorstraight reflectorfull cone reflector shallow full cone reflectortapered reflector
4-E26-story-page-final-baffles-1tapered metal bafflecoilex tapered baffleperftex baffle full cone with baffle shallow full cone with baffle
4-E26-story-page-final-baffles-2tapered metal baffle (wide & narrow trim rings)straight metal baffle (wide & narrow trim rings)tapered metal baffle straight metal baffle coilex straight baffle coilex tapered baffle perftex baffle full cone with baffle shallow full cone with baffle
5-E26-story-page-final-adjustableseyeball 35 degree tilt PAR30eyeball 35 degree tilt PAR20 gimbal 25 degree tilt Par30regressed adjustable gimbal 35 degree tilteyeball 35 degree tilt PAR30regressed adjustable gimbal 35 degree tiltgimbal 35 degree tilt PAR38double gimbal 35 - 50 degree tilt PAR38
6-E26-story-page-final-showerlights-1open wet location shallow reflectoropen wet location full reflectorfrost glass lensdrop frost plastic lenssquircle frost flush lens, metal trim soft square, frost glass lens
6-E26-story-page-final-showerlights-2open wet location shallow reflector open wet location full reflector frost glass lensdrop opal plastic lenssquircle frost flush lens, metal trim drop white lenssoft square, frost glass lens
7-E26-story-page-final-open-splayopen, wide trim open, wide trim socket supporting splaysplay socket supporting


E5 and E7 Housings

Housings feature efficient installation capability in a compact-sized frame with an offering of

socket-bracket and no-socket-bracket models. New installation features include a repositionable

junction box with hinged door for flexibility in tight spaces; All Nail! bar hangers with new

Q-Channel interlocking bars that pass-thru for increased stability and tool-less shortening.

Remodels feature an exciting new retention method of speed clamps with locking tabs that

adjust for ceilings from 3/8" to 2".