The Abbey Espresso Bar and Café
Belleville, Illinois


Multi-purpose Facility Chooses Halo LED Downlighting for Challenging and Unique Lighting Needs

Whether choosing lighting for a home or business, the two most important elements to consider are function and aesthetics. Function does not just encompass the quality of the materials and construction, but also the efficiency and ability to illuminate the defined space. And aesthetics do not merely include the overall look of the lighting fixture, but also the ambiance and environment created by the product.

The Abbey Coffee Shop, a new multi-purpose business in Belleville, Ill., was looking to attain that rare balance of the two as the facility wasn’t just an ordinary typical coffee shop. Instead, the space had many specific functions, including a retail store, restaurant, gelato bar and music venue. As its opening approached, owners mulled over how to best illuminate this flexible, ever-changing space. To tackle the problem head-on, the Abbey Coffee Shop decided to bring in a lighting expert.

After conducting a complete assessment of the establishment, consultant David Paul from Lighting Associates knew he needed to find a lighting solution that could seamlessly and continually transform the open-concept space based on its needs. He chose recessed downlighting with adjustable features for its ability to easily transform and reconfigure the illumination of clearly defined areas.

He also needed an aesthetically pleasing lighting system. Day or night, whatever the function, the coffee shop needed to set the right mood and environment for its customers. Paul chose Eaton’s Halo ML56 LED recessed downlight module for its powerful output of 900 lumens, dimmability and its warm color temperature designed to provide customers with a welcoming environment for any occasion. Additionally, the product’s satin nickel finish would provide a complementary blend with the dark ceiling, as well as an adjustable trim for accenting specific retail products or task needs.

Beyond aesthetics, the choice of the Halo ML56 LED will also drastically increase the venue’s energy efficiency. With a powerful 900 lumens, it has a wattage consumption of only 13.4 watts. Calculating a one year return on investment, The Abbey will save 3,400 watts or $2,090 yearly in electrical costs, in comparison to the traditional 75-watt PAR30 source commonly used in this type of application.

The lighting transformation has been deemed a major success by the facility’s owner, meeting the goals of creating an open, welcoming space for The Abbey customers and achieving additional savings in the process.

Eaton delivers a range of innovative and reliable indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, as well as controls products specifically designed to maximize performance, energy efficiency and cost savings. The Lighting business serves customers in the commercial, industrial, retail, institutional, residential, utility and other markets.  To purchase this product or any other Halo product, find a representative near you by clicking here.



The Abbey Espresso Bar and Café Case Study