Nalley Honda-Buick-GMC-Isuzu
Brunswick, Georgia

Georgia Auto Dealership Improves Lighting and Saves 60 Percent in Energy Costs with Galleon LED Luminaires

Illuminating auto dealerships is drastically different than your typical outdoor area lighting application. While the average exterior lighting solutions are installed for safety or security, dealerships install lighting to draw the customer’s eye and highlight high-end retail products. With this goal in mind, Nalley Honda-Buick-GMC-Isuzu located in Brunswick, Ga., turned to Eaton and its local utility, Georgia Power, to assist.

Together, Georgia Power and Eaton conducted a photometric analysis to help ensure the new lighting would meet the latest Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) standards for auto dealerships. Based on the findings, the dealership replaced its 92, 1000-watt metal halide fixtures with 76, 412-watt and 515-watt Galleon LED luminaires to meet the high lumen output needs for the parking lot merchandising and sales areas, including the front row displays, circulation areas and storage areas.

Chosen for the fixture’s high lumen output, contemporary look and efficient AccuLED Optics™ system, the overall performance was ultimately the deciding factor. By using Galleon LED fixtures, the dealership could reduce its total number of fixtures by 16 and still enjoy superior illumination, allowing customers to better see the cars’ distinctive features, details and coloring – all key factors in the buying process.

The dealership achieved a total energy savings of up to 60 percent and an overall net energy savings of 66,400 watts while exceeding the stringent uniformity footcandle recommended light levels throughout the site. With a life expectancy of 60,000 hours, the LED fixtures will also save on maintenance costs, eliminating the need for repairs and the inconvenience of moving cars to service the lights.

“I wish we had done this a long time ago,” said Britt Gilmore, general manager and partner, Nalley Honda-Buick-GMC-Isuzu. “The difference between what we have now and what we had before is like night and day. I would recommend this change to everyone.”

While the dealership improved its lighting performance and reduced electrical costs, Georgia Power also decreased its carbon footprint, reducing the demand on the area’s electrical grid.