RMA Policy


All returns must be pre-approved by Eaton and will only be valid for 60 days.

-   Maximum of 1 overstock return allowed per quarter.


-   Current Stock Guide items – Purchased in last 12 months

-   Current MTO items, but Active Stock Guide items at time of purchase -

            o   Invoice date in last 3 months – No restocking fee

            o   Invoice date in months 4-12 - 25% restocking fee


-   35% restocking fee for any products subject to re-packaging upon arrival at Eaton facility

-   15% restocking fee for any products subject to re-label / label removal upon arrival at Eaton facility (i.e. type mark labels previously applied)

-   Eaton reserves the right to issue Return Authorization and/or Field Scrap Authorization.


To further speed up the process for RMA approvals, please communicate properly formatted item numbers or catalog numbers and all invoice details on the request.


In the case of material returns received by Eaton that were no pre-approved or are damaged/broken upon receipt at Eaton facility:

            If valued over $1000:

            •   Customer will be notified and will have one week to advise if they would like to have product returned back to their facility.

                If no response is received in one week, material will be disposed at Eaton’s discretion.

            If valued less than $1000:

            •   Product will be disposed immediately at Eaton’s discretion with no notification to customer.


Customer will be responsible for all freight to return the material to Eaton.


Drafted: September 18, 2018