NeoSwitch - PIR/Single Level Wall Switch Vacancy Sensor


The Passive Infrared Single Level Vacancy Sensing Wall Switch is a motion sensing lighting control and conventional wall switch all-in-one that is used to for energy savings and convenience. The VNW-P-1001-MV uses Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor technology to monitor a room for occupancy and deliver maximum energy savings. The lights are turned ON by pressing the universally recognized light icon pushbutton. The sensor includes self-adaptive technology that continuously self-adjusts sensitivity and time delay in real-time, maximizing the potential energy savings that are available in the particular application.


  • Air-gap switch ensures no leakage current to load
  • Selectable built-in light level sensor
  • Products tested to NEMA WD 7 - 2011 Occupancy Motion Sensors Standard
  • Requires Manual On for activation