Cooper Emergency Power Control


The Cooper Controls Emergency Power Control (CEPC) device allows the control of emergency lighting by any Greengate lighting control panel or occupancy sensor. The CEPC senses a local single normal power circuit. As long as normal power is present the CEPC permits normal and emergency switching of the lighting load from Greengate lighting control panels or occupancy sensors. If normal power is lost for any reason, the CEPC will force the connected emergency fixtures On. The CEPC can be wired as either a control device along with a relay panel and occupancy sensor, or as a shunt to bypass line voltage devices when normal power fails. Automatic Diagnostic Test Feature – Five second emergency test when load is turned off. (CEPC-120 and CEPC-277 only)


  • Eliminates energy waste by allowing emergency lighting to be switched
  • Fail safe operation
  • Visible emergency power LED
  • Visible regular power LED
  • Integral test switch
  • Automatic Diagnostic Test Feature
  • Senses local circuit power loss
  • UL 924 listed, meets NEC, OSHA and NFPA safety codes