Straight & Narrow 22DP


Slender lines of light set in an architectural environment are the essence of the Straight and Narrow series. With its simple elegance and adaptability it accommodates most design applications. Generation II enhancements include: extruded housing offering precise in-line appearance and enhanced rigidity, staggered lamping minimizing socket shadow, flush and regressed lay-in lens providing a clean look and easy maintenance, and unique snap-in louver design easing installation and heightening retention.


  • Direct light distribution suspended luminaire
  • Fully extruded aluminum housing offers precision and enhanced rigidity
  • Staggered lamping minimizes socket shadow in a 2" aperture
  • Snap-in louver design for easy installation and better retention
  • Flush and regressed lay in lens provides clean look and easy upkeep
  • Incremental lengths of 3', 4', 6' and 8'
  • Individual fixtures and run configurations to the nearest foot