Suspended Linear Direct/Indirect

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Suspended Linear Direct/Indirect

Innovative luminaires designed with technology, proportion and simplicity in mind



Class A D/I Open Baffle

Class A Full Indirect

Class A Perf D/I

Class A Perf

Element Micro

Element Concave Perf

i2 Linear Prismatic Lens

Iridium IQ Lensed

Iridium Perf Suspended

Loft Concave Perf

Minigator Cross Blade Parabolic

Navigator Micro Prismatic Lens

Traverse Concave Perf

Vertechs Cross Blade Parabolic

Geo 14-DIP

Geo 44-DP

Omni 66-DIP

Geo 80-IP

Geo 83-DP

Geo 89-DIP

Cirque 4-AIP, 4-ADP, 4-IP, 4-DP

Cirque 6-AIP, 6-ADP, 6-IP, 6-DP

Cirque 6-DIP

Triad 17-IP

Shell II 201-IP


Petite Nuage 302-IP, 302-DIP

Viceroy 501-IP

Nimbus I 601-IP

Nimbus II 701-IP

22DIP Straight & Narrow

23DIP Straight & Narrow

22DP Straight & Narrow


Class A Full Perf

Element Cross Blade Parabolic

Element High Efficiency Louver

Element Micro Prismatic Lens

Element RPerformance Louver

i2 Parabolic Louver

i2 Perf Baffle

i2 Perf Inlay

Iridium IQ Open Baffle

Loft Cross Blade Parabolic

Loft High Efficiency Louver

Loft RPerformance Louver

Minigator Concave Perf

Minigator High Efficiency Louver

Minigator Micro Prismatic Lens

Minigator RPerformance Louver

Navigator Concave Perf

Navigator Cross Blade Parabolic

Navigator High Efficiency Louver

Navigator RPerformance Louver

Traverse Cross Blade Parabolic

Traverse High Efficiency louver

Traverse Micro Prismatic Lens

Traverse RPerformance Louver

Vertechs Concave Perf

Vertechs Micro Prismatic Lens

Vertechs RPerformance Louver

Panelit 52 DIP

23DP Straight & Narrow

Arrowlinear Linear LED - Pendant (1-Way)

Arrowlinear Linear LED - Pendant (2-Way)

Arrowlinear Linear LED - Pendant (4-Way)

Stellar Q

Stellar Q Surface

Stellar Surface

Class A D/I Lensed

Loft Micro Prismatic Lens

Vertechs High Efficiency Louver

JAYLUM Suspended

Divide Suspended LED


RZL Suspended LED

SNLED Series

Element WaveStream LED

Loft WaveStream LED

Minigator WaveStream LED

Vertechs WaveStream LED

i2 WaveStream LED

Loft Micro