Arena Pro

The Arena Pro LED lighting solution by Ephesus takes sports lighting to a whole new level. Our innovative optics and advanced color-tuning technology can create a warmer, richer light ideal for basketball and other court sports, or a cooler light more desirable for hockey. What’s more, the Arena Pro technology can easily be adjusted to deliver picture perfect lighting for any other special event your arena hosts.


  • Tunable color temperature for multi-use facilities
  • Tunable CRI reduces need for filtering for HDTV broadcast
  • Clearest possible picture, maintaining delivered foot candles
  • High TLCI and CRI for more accurate rendering of colors
  • No flicker up to 8K frames per second for super-slow motion recording
  • Precise optics reduce stray light allowing dramatic lighting cutoff
  • Ultra-low EMI noise generation eliminates electrical interference

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