MNAE Medical Narrow Ambient Exam


The fully enclosed MNAE offers ambient, exam, and reading functions. Specify the chart light and/or night light for additional flexibility. The small aperture MNAE fits flush to the ceiling line, enabling quick, easy, and effective wipe down. Typically used in pairs along both sides of the bed, the MNAE offers glare / shadow free illumination.


  • Recessed grid 8" on center. Use the DFCL for hard ceilings
  • 7.5W maximum LED MR16 reading light, with full rotation and swivel
  • Choose from 3 illumination levels for the ambient exam function
  • IP65 optional for dusts and water ingress protection
  • NSF listing and anti-microbial finish for sterile environments
  • Amber night light and several white color temperatures available
  • Low voltage relay available for pillow switch control
  • Emergency battery also available

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