ORM Recessed Operating Room


Fail-Safe’s development of the asymmetric/symmetric ORM represents the latest technology in precise control of light to the surgical task and to the surrounding area and allows multi-level lighting without changing the character of the lighting distribution. The ORM’s high efficiency and precise-lighting distribution delivers high illumination to the surgical task area. Quality and value are maintained to provide the best performance solution for your design needs.


  • MILSTD461F compliant
  • Seam-welded construction, all holes sealed for IP65 rating
  • Stainless-steel or aluminum housing available
  • Two stainless-steel aircraft cables secure door to housing
  • Fully concealed piano hinge available to attach door to housing
  • Silicone gasket surrounds perimeter of lens
  • Closed-cell silicone gasket seals door to housing
  • High-gloss, white polyester powder-coat finish standard
  • Smooth acrylic clear lens under ASY-SYM lens for ease of cleaning