MNE Recessed Narrow Exam


The I-Lume exam light provides high-performance illumination in a compact, energy-efficient package. Designed around precision optics and T5 or T5HO lamp technology, the I-Lume offers powerful, focused light for examinations and procedures in a health care environment. It is typically installed in pairs to maximize the unique optical design that directs light asymmetrically, minimizing shadows and positioning the light exactly where it is needed. The I-Lume ensures comfortable, glare-free exam lighting for both the medical professional and patient.


  • For use as an over-the-bed exam fixture, typically used in pairs
  • Place fixtures along both sides of the bed for glare-free illumination
  • Acrylic lens with perf overlay helps provide 75-100 fc on the bed
  • Optional GGD door to fully enclose fixture
  • Single T5 and T5HO linear fluorescent lamp
  • High performance specular or semi-specular aluminum reflector
  • All steel parts are heavy gauge, powder coat painted white
  • Master-satellite available (not available with dimming ballast)
  • Anti-microbial finish option available