The H750T is a dedicated LED new construction housing for use with HALO H7 Collection 600 and 900 Series LED modules. Designed for non-insulated ceilings. If insulation is present it must be kept three inches from all sides of the housing. This AIR-TITE housing design prevents airflow between plenum and conditioned spaces and saves on both heating and air conditioning costs. The H750T LED connector system provides high efficacy code compliance when used with HALO H7 Collection LED modules.


  • Got Nail!™ bar hangers
  • Pass-N-Thru™ tool-less shortening of bar hangers
  • Slide-N-Side™ wire traps
  • Quick Connect wiring connectors included in junction box
  • Die-formed housing and plaster frame
  • Housing may be removed from plaster frame for junction box access
  • Compatible with Halo 600 Series and 900 Series LED modules
  • Rated for 15W maximum

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