ML4 LED Recessed Downlight Series

The ML4 system is comprised of a housing, LED module, and round or square 2-inch aperture pinhole trim. This compact assembly installs from below the ceiling in standard 4-inch line voltage housings suitable for 2x6 residential framing or shallow plenum commercial construction. Although diminutive in size the ML4 delivers powerful beams of light providing the optical control and color quality typically associated with low voltage tungsten-halogen MR16 lamps and delivers over 1200 lumens. The center beam candlepower (CBCP) of ML4 LED exceeds 50W low voltage MR16 lamps with significantly higher candela per watt (Cd/W). D2W dim-to-warm option shifts color temperature from 3000K to 1850K as fixture dims mimicking the black body dimming response of halogen sources.

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