H457RTATE010 - H4 LED Gen2 Housing


The H457RTATE010 is a Non-IC, AIR-TITE™ universal voltage 120V-277V remodel housing designed for non-insulated ceiling installations, and offers dimming capability with 0-10V DC control systems. Designed for use with EL4 series LED Light Engines, the H457RTATE010 offers high quality downlighting along with high efficacy – the result being great lighting and significant energy savings. Non-IC Housing is AIR-TITE™ but insulation must be kept 3 inches away from all sides of housing.


  • Slide-N-Side™ wire traps
  • Integral thermal protection
  • 120V-277V electronic driver
  • Dimmable with 120V LE/TE dimmers or 0-10V DC controls
  • Remodel springs accommodate 1/2" and 5/8" ceiling material
  • Consumes less than 14W

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