Outdoor Lighting - Wall Mount

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Outdoor Wall Mount Lighting

Superior optical control with uniform and energy-conscious illumination


Outdoor wall mount lighting is also known as building mount lighting. Typically found on office buildings, government buildings, hospitals, college campuses, hotels, stores, and some residential settings. Outdoor wall mount lighting can create an inviting atmosphere by highlighting features of a building or structure. Building mounted lights also assists in creating ambient light for pedestrians and increase safety by illuminating potential danger to passerby. Wall-mounted lights can contribute to the overall architectural styling of the building. Eaton’s line of wall mounted lights comes in a variety of shapes and materials. The Lumark Crosstour series of luminaries provides a low-profile architectural style with the power of bright, energy efficient LEDs. It has a rugged aluminum construction with multi-mount capabilities. For a building that has a modern or futuristic look, the 674-WP Series Luminous Wall Sconce features a solid aluminum frame with a matte white acrylic diffuser. With horizontal trim bars with a vertical fin detail and design options like perforated metal, colored acrylic and various trim bar configurations. The 674-WP Series Luminous Wall Sconce is easily customizable to fit every building’s design aesthetic. For a sleeker look, The Lumiere Eon LED 303-W2 Wall mount is a mix of architectural styling and energy savings. It has a low profile aluminum construction with the ability to adjust 180 degrees at the knuckle. Eaton also has many other LED lighting solutions and vandal resistant security lights.