RSA-MRZ-3 Head

The RSA MRZ is a 1, 2, 3, or 4 multi-head family of recessed luminaires used for accent, wall wash, and ambient lighting good for retail, display, and general ambient lighting for national accounts, retail, hospitality, and commerical spaces. The RSA-MRZ has two different housings, flanged trim for accoustical tile, and mud-in trim for gypsum board ceilings for a clean and trimless look. The family of fixtures are IC rated and also have Chicago plenum as an option. Lumen packages range from 250 to over 1700 per head dependant on specific catalog selections, as well as +80 or +97 CRI. Three different optical distributions of 25, 40, and 55 degree optics are available, as well as 45 degree tilt and 365 degree rotation. The MRZ family of fixtures are available in white housing/ white trim, black housing/ black trim, and black housing with white trim. A multitude of dimming options are available including 0.1%, 1%, many Lutron options, and Fifth Light DALI. The MRZ is available with WaveLinx or LumaWatt Pro sensors for a full spectrum of wireless and connected lighting solutions. Shielding media options includes linear spread lens, soft focus lens, or hex louver, and one of these can be used with a snoot option. Emergency battery options also are available.

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