MWS, Modular Wiring Systems, provides low cost installation of circuit wiring for lighting and power. Using modular components that plug together, MWS can be installed in a fraction of the time of hardwiring. Plus, MWS offers the advantage of relocating fixtures and outlets for future renovations. The MWS T Cable with DALI Control (TC-5LT) feeds power and control wiring to wall or ceiling fixtures while feeding downstream to another fixture. Compatible MWS Extender Cables (EC) are used connect either end of the TC-5LT. See the Extender Cable specification sheet for compatible models.


  • Simplified wiring for both power and DALI control
  • UL-Listed under Standard 183 for make or break under load
  • Powers fixture and allows circuit to feed through to next luminaire
  • Cable end supplied with 1/2" connector and lock nut
  • 6" pre-stripped leads for power and control