ST Starter Fitting Starter Cable


The MWS Starter Fitting is the starting point for the MWS system. The Fitting is installed in a standard 1/2" knockout of an electrical unit. The Starter Fitting is mounted externally and does not impact wire fill. All unused outlets require a MWS dust cover.


  • UL Listed under Standard 183 for make or break under load
  • Meets requirements of Article 604 of the National Electrical Code
  • Rated at 20 amperes with full-size ground wire
  • Copper conductors with THHN insulation rated at 90°C
  • Galvanized steel exterior with integral keying for voltage
  • Double-blade contact ensures proper mating of electrical components
  • Valox 365 constructed contact housing
  • Contact housings approved for environmental air plenums
  • Threaded locknut connector and 6" pre-stripped leads