SF Starter Fixture Cable


The MWS Starter Fixture Cable (SF) starts the MWS system immediately at the electrical junction box or at the switch box and continues to the first lighting fixture. Subsequent fixtures connected to the Starter Fixture Cable are wired with standard Fixture Cables(FC). The line side connector installs into any 1/2" knockout and has #18 tap leads to connect to the fixture wiring. All unused outlets require a MWS dust cover.


  • UL Listed under Standard 183 for make or break under load
  • Meets requirements of Article 604 of the National Electrical Code
  • Rated at 20 amperes with full-size ground wire
  • THHN insulated conductors rated at 90°C; 18AWG solid TFN fixture leads
  • Galvanized steel exterior with integral keying for voltage
  • Valox 365 constructed contact housing
  • Contact housings approved for environmental air plenums
  • Positive self-grounding locking clip fits into any 1/2" KO on fixture
  • Open end supplied with 1/2" connector and 6" pre-stripped leads