Monaco 6002A


A small-scale, adjustable in-ground illuminator for use with metal halide PAR lamps or halogen AR111 lamps. Fixture includes lamp, factory-installed in a waterproof lamp module. Our Venterra™ heat and water management system keeps outer lens temperatures in check while protecting inner components from the effects of ground water. Our exclusive Beam-Driver™ aiming system provides up to 15° tilt and 360° rotation of the lamp module. It operates with a conventional cordless drill or screwdriver to provide easy, precision aiming without disturbing the sealed lamp module or looking into the energized lamp source. Corrosion-proof housing design is suitable for walk-over and drive-over applications to 5000 lbs.


  • 15° tilt, 360° rotation
  • Precision Beam-Driver aiming without disturbing sealed lamp source
  • Venterra heat & water management system insures low lens temperature
  • Corrosion-proof, composite housing and brass or stainless steel trim
  • Optional temperature reduction lens
  • Up to three optical accessories (lenses, louvers, filters)
  • Drive-over rated to 5000 lbs. if equipped with structural bracket kit
  • Factory-installed lamp
  • Three-year warranty

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