IQ 35M and CTs


The Eaton IQ 35M Meter is a compact, affordable energy meter that combines exceptional performance and easy installation to deliver a cost-effective solution for energy and power monitoring applications, as well as sub-metering applications. Because of its compact size, the IQ 35M is an ideal solution for panelboard applications to monitor the main power coming into the panelboard. The native BACnet MS/TP model can integrate into building management systems to reduce integration costs for customers looking to monitor energy usage. The BACnet model also offers two digital inputs for accumulating other meter pulses. The bi-directional monitoring feature is designed expressly for renewable energy applications, allowing measurement of power imported from the utility grid as well as power exported from the renewable energy source (e.g. solar panels). In this way, a facility administrator can track all energy data, ensuring accuracy in billing and crediting. Low-cost energy meter allowing you to: verify energy bills, make informed load shifting and shedding decisions, fairly and accurately allocate energy costs to users, identify wasteful practices, decrease unnecessary usage, produce an energy profile, and secure the optimum utility rate structure.


  • DIN rail or surface mount – perfect for panelboard applications
  • Optional NEMA 4X enclosure – perfect for retrofit metering
  • Native BACnet MS/TP model integrates into building management systems
  • BACnet model has two digital inputs to accumulate other meter pulses
  • Bi-directional monitoring designed for renewable energy applications
  • Low-cost energy meter