C-Scroll Remote Small - MRI - Wall


Ametrix offers luminaires with a multitude of fluorescent, tungsten halogen and metal halide lamp sources. In addition, these luminaires can be surface, semi-recessed, cantilevered or suspended mounted to adapt to just about any type of application. The new line offers unique styles and innovative design features such as indoor toolless entry, an integrated PointGrab™ aiming and locking system to achieve optimal uniformity and a unique reflector system. The Dual-Ametrix reflector system is engineered to accommodate a balance between a controlled peak candlepower and high efficiency. The C-Scroll line is an ornamental design having a spiral that coils in only one direction. Lighting fixtures for MRI facilities are specialized and unique. Fluorescent and HID fixtures cannot be used due to ferrous parts in ballasts and lamp holders. Modified incandescent fixtures meet the requirements. Ballast and indoor ballast enclosure are remote mounted.


  • Extruded aluminum housing
  • Die-cast aluminum end caps
  • Non-ferrous construction
  • Integrated solid visor or opal window
  • Die-formed 94% reflective dual-finish anodized aluminum reflector
  • Gasketed doorframe with toolless entry
  • PointGrab™ adjustable and lockable aiming system