110-W Series


110-W Fabrique Round Cylinder Wall Sconce Luminaire features 29 shade materials, 1 Shade-in-a-Shade option and 3 Metal Motifs. Fabrique Series feature high-quality, hand-applied fabric shades with hand-tucked edges and minimal hardware or structural trim for an architectural-grade aesthetic.


  • Fabric on translucent white styrene tucked on white welded steel frame
  • Integral electronic HPF, multi-volt 120/277V (347V Canada)
  • Standard Silk White material
  • Standard Natural Aluminum finish
  • Special-order premium materials and finishes
  • Bamboo, vinyl and pleated material options available
  • Universal integral mounting strap to standard 4" J-Box or plaster ring
  • UL and CUL approved for interior locations. ADA compliant