Omni 66-DIW


Series 66-DIW is part of a family of harmonic task and ambient lighting elements. Distinguished by their compact, low-profile design and highly efficient reflector and baffle system, they are ideal for low ceiling office lighting. T8 lamps are enclosed in a compact extruded aluminum profile. High-level, glare-free, and wide-spread illumination is projected up and/or down. Wall, surface, and pendant-mounted applications are provided as singular elements or in continuous runs, finished to blend or accentuate.


  • Direct-indirect light distribution
  • Extruded-aluminum housing for 3', 4', 6' and 8' illuminated sections
  • Parabolic louver designed for continuous, unbroken appearance
  • Pearlescent low-glare louver finish
  • .125" thick, sturdy aluminum end caps
  • Dimming and emergency options
  • UL and CUL certified