TCS Touch Control System Confinement


The Fail-Safe TCS replaces conventional toggle switches in high abuse, clean room and security environments. It features a large, nearly flush, tamper proof stainless steel actuator, which mounts through the wall or panel, exposing only the touch bolt head. It attaches to a rugged module that contains reliable, solid state, electronic circuitry. By simply touching the actuator, the module will control up to 2000 watts of illumination. For ease of installation and trouble-free operation, the touch bolt and module are installed in the same junction box or fixture. Modules can be programmed and wired in several configurations, (see Mounting Details). It is actuator mountable (20-foot maximum) from the electrical module (see "Important Installation Notes" for further details).


  • Touch-bolt hardware fixture or wall-mounted
  • Hardware available in 1/4-20 and 1/2-13 sizes
  • Bolt, nuts, insulators and module touch wire connector included
  • Recognized component appliance controls (ATNZ2)
  • All models have built-in low-voltage overrides