L2W Loft Wall


Corelite's latest addition to its line of architectural direct-indirect fixtures, the Loft Wall, features crisp modern lines with a new, ultra-high efficiency, clear micro-linear prismatic lens material to meet the tightest watts per-square-foot requirements. The Loft Wall, with up to 95% fixture efficiency, also offers the complete array of Corelite's innovative and efficient optical components, including the revolutionary Slide-N-Lock™ optics and the RPerformance™ louver, which meets RP1 requirements in single lamp configurations.


  • Architectural quality construction
  • Semi-indirect fluorescent lighting
  • Five unique louver options including micro-linear prismatic lens
  • Accepts Slide-N-Lockā„¢ optics with 8 field adjustable settings
  • Isolates uplight & downlight with lamp isolators & dual-circuit wiring
  • Mounts directly to existing structure over 2" x 4" electrical box
  • Standard aluminum die-cast end cap
  • Individual or continuous mounting