tile G2


Designed for interior applications, tile G2 is a luminous, clean, finely detailed LED-based luminous tile that can be surface mounted or recessed into walls and ceilings. An anodized aluminum frame, less 3/4" deep, houses LED linear strips that serve to edge light an optical WaveStreamâ„¢ wave guide. The result is a uniform distribution of light with a variety of different color options. Six standard color options along with a plethora of custom colors offer designers a variety of opportunities for interior applications. tile may also be customized with graphic inserts for a "signage option." tile is ideal for spaces where color is specified to provide visual cues, emphasize brand identity or simply artistic expression.


  • Decorative accent luminaire with minimal lumen output
  • Used to provide visual cues, brand identity and artistic expression
  • Can be customized with graphic inserts for signage applications
  • Available in six standard color options and an array of custom colors
  • Average rated life is 50,000 hours at 70% of lamp lumen output
  • 6" x 6" consuming 5.6w and 12" x 12" consuming 11.2w
  • Fixtures can be recessed into gypsum board ceilings or walls
  • Class 2, energy-saving 120v or 277v power supply
  • Anondized aluminum finish is standard; custom finishes available