ANSI and ADA compliant, luxrail is an indoor or outdoor LED-based handrail that delivers functional illumination. Three intensities may be specified: standard output mid output and high output. The standard light output version delivers luminance levels appropriate for exterior applications (2 foot-candles at grade) as well as for dark interior environments with low ambient illumination levels (e.g., themed environments, theatres and residential areas). The high output version delivers luminance levels applicable to interior environments – providing in excess of 10 foot-candles along the path of egress (ANSI required for stair treads). Patented optical assemblies deliver 10°, 25° and 55° beam spreads as well as an asymmetric option. Infill options are available to be used in guardrails. Projected average rated life is 50,000 hours at 70% of lamp lumen output.

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