line 2.0 Symmetric


io Lighting's line series 2.0 is approximately 2" x 2" in cross section, which allows for luminous accents to be delivered from tight architectural details. This low voltage linear luminaire utilizes high brightness LEDs and may be specified for interior or exterior applications. Nominal lengths include 18", 36", 54" and 72". Precise beam spreads of 5°, 10°, 30° and 60° along the perpendicular axis of the fixture are well suited for accent or general illumination. Individual units may be placed end to end to create continuous rows without obvious shadows between fixtures. series 2.0's patented optical assembly is designed to practically eliminate stray light, making it perfect for applications where light pollution or light trespass are important design considerations. Projected average rated life is 50,000 hours at 70% of lamp lumen output. Photometrics are available online.

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