Closet Rod 1.5


io Lighting's illuminated closet rod provides an even distribution of light along the length of the closet rod. A 65° beam spread does a superior job illuminating not only the shoulder portion of the clothing, but also the area between each piece of clothing revealing the textural aspects of the clothing. No UV or IR rays are emitted from the closet rod's beam. The closet rod 1.5 is great for retail display applications and, of course, any closet. Hotels, hospitals, offices and hospitality applications all have closets that could use an illuminated closet rod that delivers superior white light while utilizing very little energy. Projected average rated life is 50,000 hours at 70% of lamp lumen output. Photometrics are available online.


  • Suitable for hotel, retail or residential applications
  • closet rod provides an even distribution of light along the fixture
  • Patented acrylic optical assembly for precise, even beam control
  • 2 Kelvin temperatures of white light available: 2700k and 3000k
  • Available in custom lengths up to 96" (8')
  • LED Power Consumption: 5.81 w/ft
  • Wall mounted bracket accommodates structurally sound installation
  • 50,000 hour rated life; ambient temperature not to exceed 122°F (50°C)

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