Balance Beam Touch Sensing


ADA compliant illuminated balance beam grab bar employs Touch Sensing Technology which activates the LED light inside the grab bar. This unique sensing technology enables automatic operation of the light inside the grab bar by sensing the contact of the patient or care-giver’s hand. When the user touches or leans on the bar for physical support, the light is turned on to illuminate their path. When the user removes their hand from the bar, the light stays on for a predetermined amount of time and then turns itself off. Care-givers may also turn the light on and off without waiting for the time delay by “double-touch” activation. The Touch Sensing is designed to ignore vibrations in the wall or floor and only respond to positive touch on the bar itself, eliminating the need for an on-off switch all together. It is also designed to work with gloved hands or clothed arms. The balance beam is easy to clean and may be specified with an optional antimicrobial finish.


  • ADA compliant grab bar with Touch Sensing to activate LED lights
  • Evidence-based design can prevent falls, injuries and litigation
  • Patented optics providing beam control, eliminating disabling glare
  • 2700K or 3000K high color rendering LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours
  • Amber LED nightlight provides visibility for hospital staff
  • Amber indicator lights at each end, provide visual cues for patients
  • Available in 4 standard lengths (2', 3', 4' and 5')
  • LED Power Consumption (w/ft): SO (1.52); HO (5.59)
  • Optional amber night light feature available

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