HU10 LED Undercabinet

Ideal for task, accent, office, cove, utility, under and above cabinet lighting display, the Halo Undercabinet low-profile design delivers maximum energy savings and life with easy installation. The integrated driver allowing 120V direct to the fixture for easy installation. Fixtures are available in 9, 18, 24, 36, or 48 inch lengths, the Halo system can be configured to fit almost anywhere. Smooth dimming down to 5% using a standard dimmer. Connector cables in a variety of different lengths make it easy to link one unit to another. Each unit has an integrated on-off switch.

Catalog Number HU1009D927MB, HU1009D927P, HU1009D930MB, HU1009D930P, HU1009D940MB, HU1009D940P, HU1010MB, HU1010P, HU1011MB, HU1011P, HU1018D927MB, HU1018D927P, HU1018D930MB, HU1018D930P, HU1018D940MB, HU1018D940P, HU101MB, HU101P, HU1024D927MB, HU1024D927P, HU1024D930MB, HU1024D930P, HU1024D940MB, HU1024D940P, HU102MB, HU102P, HU1036D927MB, HU1036D927P, HU1036D930MB, HU1036D930P, HU1036D940MB, HU1036D940P, HU103MB, HU103P, HU1048D927MB, HU1048D927P, HU1048D930MB, HU1048D930P, HU1048D940P, HU104MB, HU104P, HU105MB, HU107MB, HU107P, HU109MB, HU109P, HU10MSMB, HU10MSP


  • ENERGY STAR® qualified. Learn more at
  • Less than 3/4" overall fixture height
  • Heavy gauge aluminum housing
  • Cord and plug or Direct wire
  • Even light distribution
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Available in White and Matte Black Finishes

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