1800 Series Decorative Performance Pendant - Large

1800 Series Decorative Performance Pendant - Large

  • A series of large performance pendants with a wide selection of colors
  • Choose from a modern DOME shade or traditional RLM shape
  • 10 standard paint colors and 2 metal finishes for the shade
  • 10 standard paint colors and 2 metal finishes for the trim
  • 2 mounting styles: 120" aircraft cable or rigid stem in 3 lengths
  • 4 color temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
  • 2 optical distributions: medium and wide
  • 2 CRI choices: 80 and 90
  • 0-10V dimming

Product Description

The 1800 series of colorful pendants puts the creativity in the designers' hands by allowing them to select shade and trims colors that are different. Thousands of color combinations can be created by selecting different shade and trim options in either the DOME or RLM shapes that speak loudly and boldly with quiet confidence. Select from 12 paint/metal shade colors, 12 paint/metal trim colors, 120" of adjustable air craft cable, or 3 rigid standard stem lengths to create a look that works in your space. The choice of a sleek modern DOME shape or traditional RLM shape, makes the Shaper 1800 suited for any occasion or location—from education facilities to corporate offices, healthcare settings and more. Whether you choose to dress your environment up or down, the 1800 is always in style. The Shaper 1800's are also known for high performance, flexibility, and powerful aesthetics that deliver lumen performance you can count on.

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